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Favorite Quilting Notions

At Heart & Hand, we have all sorts of notions to help quilters, both novice and experienced, make their quilting smoother and easier. From pins and needles to large specialty rulers, Heart & Hand wants to provide quilters with all the tools they need to accomplish a successful quilting project.

Our staff has put together a list of their favorite notions to help you find just the tool you need to make your next gorgeous quilt. Check out the list below for some of our staff favorites.

Heart & Hand Favorite Quilting Notions Flatter Spray

Flatter Spray

Heart & Hand’s Martha says that Flatter Spray has gained a place in her heart and near her ironing board. This spray comes in a variety of enticing fragrances, but its real asset is how smooth and flat your fabric is after you spray and press it. Flatter comes in a spray bottle, but you can also pour it into a mister for a finer application. The bottle sells for $12.95.

Heart & Hand Favorite Quilting Notions Thermal Thimbles

Thermal Thimbles

Raise your hand if you’ve ever burned your fingers pressing tiny pieces of fabric! Heart & Hand’s Sue has just the thing to protect those tender fingers. Check out Thermal Thimbles in the shop. They pair nicely with Sue’s other favorite, the Hot Ruler. The thimbles are priced at $6.95.
Heart & Hand Favorite Quilting Notions

Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors

Heart & Hand’s quilt class instructor Jane has a favorite notion that comes in three sizes. It’s Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors. In Jane’s opinion, the scissors’ name says it all. The blades of all three sizes are micro-serrated, making them cut precisely, The handles are comfortably cushioned to protect your hands. The medium size retails for $28.95.
Heart & Hand Favorite Quilting Notions Flatter Spray

Hot Ruler

Ever wonder how you can turn up a fabric edge evenly? Heart & Hand’s Sue has just the thing for you. Check out the Hot Ruler, a 2.5-by-10 inch plastic ruler with grid that you can use under an iron. With handy markings both horizontal and vertical, as well as 90 degrees, this little gadget is all set to make your fabric manipulation easier. Check out Sue’s second favorite item, Thermal Thimbles, that pair nicely with the Hot Ruler. The ruler retails for $20.99.
Heart & Hand Favorite Quilting Notions Quilter's Select Ruler

6 x 24 Ruler

Our Norma has a thing for Quilter’s Select by Alex Anderson’s 6-by-24-inch ruler. The reason: the ruler grips the fabric and won’t let it go until you have sliced it with your rotary cutter. So if you find your current ruler a bit unruly, check out this Alex Anderson model at Heart & Hand. It has easy-to-read lines in 1/8th inch markings. Quilter’s Select also makes rulers in other sizes. This size is $38.98.
Heart & Hand Favorite Quilting Notions Stripology Ruler

Stripology Ruler

Ask our Cassie what her favorite notion is, and she knows just what to say. It’s the Stripology Ruler by Creative Grids. Cassie credits this ruler alone for speeding up her quilting immensely. The ruler has slots located each half-inch across its 20-inch width, allowing you to cut width-of-fabric strips as wide or as narrow as you wish. Just fold your fabric evenly, parallel to the selvedge, and start cutting your strips. Like other Creative Grids rulers, Stripology grips your fabric to eliminate sliding. Check with Cassie for more description of what she’s done with her go-to ruler, Stripology. It retails for $59.99